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    new 4x4

    am going to have a look at a renault kangoo tracker this week has anybody had one or can tell me if they are any good need to have a dual purpose vehicle that is cheap to run need to use it for work and play my toyota van is really thirsty on the scotland run cheers the atom

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    My wife has had one for about 3 yrs now. No major problems but door seals freeze in winter and usual Renault build quality, (not good in my opinion). Not great on motorway but not too bad. Surprising amount of space in back and boot.

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    hi i have the 1.5 kangoo very economical 60 plus mpg and surprisingly nippy for a 1.5 dont know about the tracker though is that the 4x4

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    yes it is the 4x4 van no back seats ex scottish water board looks like it has good height on ground clearance 1.9 diesal

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    A friend of mine owns a company who supplies these to fire brigades, police etc they love them, they have back seats with a sliding bulk head so you can have two or four seats, it's the tyres that make you go off road

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    I bought one new and drove 6 years and 80.000 miles in it. Offroad decent but lacks low gearing and power when the going gets though. Excellent all track vehicle. The track can be very bad, he will never stop. Ground clearance O.K. as much as lots of smaller SUV ( Huyndai, RAV, ...) I changed for a Nissan terrano. Would I buy it again : NO .
    Not strong enough build. I had to change, brakes, suspensions, to much to be good.
    Now, at 80.000 the clutch started going wrong. Not good for driving long distances.
    Very noisy and uses 2 lit extra over a 4x2 Kangoo.
    The 4x4 system isn't bad, but the rest of the vehicle is not up to 4x4 use. They no longer sell them in Belgium. I used mine as a shooting/field trial/ stalking/working vehicle.
    Loading space super. Better than the LWB terrano.
    Have a look at the Dacia Duster. Maybe stronger builld and about the same price.
    VW now also make a Caddy 4motion ( 4x4). VW should be better than renault.
    I would get a 1 or 2 year old RAV4 or Nissan X trail or ...... Hilux, Navarra,...
    The price would be the same as a new Kangoo and it will last longer in my opinion.

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    Had 1.9ltr d, not the fastest car but only ever got stuck once with it hit a spring in a field and she sunk up to axle, got fuel economy, cheap to insure, loads space and over head lockers, would have on again think they stopped making them 2006. Aye the doors freeze shut, just as well pee is warm when you are well off the road!


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