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Thread: Wanted Deer stalking in south wales

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    Wanted Deer stalking in south wales

    Hi All,

    I'm on holiday from 30th of july till 6th of august in south Wales Pembrokeshire near Saundersfoot and was wondering if there were any stalking oppertunities available, willing to travel an hour or so. Please pm me any details or contacts, Should Have my new rifle by then in 7mm08.

    Many Thanks matt

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    Try sending Elmerfudd a message, he has some nice ground around monmouth
    Below is a link to my website.
    Quad sticks

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    You could also try these guys as they are closer to west wales, . Not sure what the stalking is like as i have not used as of yet, only 50 per outing and 100 Success charge.

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    Thanks Guys checked out both locations they were both over 100 miles away from where we are staying.

    Does any one know of any stalking in the south west of Wales?

    Many Thanks Matt

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    Would also be interested in any wild boar shooting if theres any available or if they even exist in South Wales
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    Monmouth is the same distance from Pembrokeshire as it is from Essex so I wouldn't think that Elmerfud is of interest to you.
    You will find that they are very secretive about the deer down that way and most people will tell you that there are no deer in the county which isn't actually true. I don't know of any boar that far west, so far they are all in the border country.

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