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Thread: Staffordshire Synthetic Stocks

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    Staffordshire Synthetic Stocks

    Can anyone give me an indication of how much this outfit are likely to charge for an inletted and ready to roll stock?

    Their website suggests 'from 250 quid' for most of the styles on offer.

    I'm intending to give them a bell, but would be interested to hear from anyone who has had a stock from them and what the total damage was?



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    What rifle is it for you would get one less than half that from Boyds in the US

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    I'd be interested to find also. They are from nearish to me and I've often wondered if they do a good job and what their prices are like.



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    Quote Originally Posted by geordieh View Post
    What rifle is it for you would get one less than half that from Boyds in the US
    Hi Geordie.

    You might have picked up that I've been fairly active on the forum recently, putting some legwork into sourcing a left handed .270.

    I've a couple of options and I'm just working our the best way to achieve the end result I want.

    I've a chance of a nice tikka m55, but my research suggests that you can't get an aftermarket synthetic replacement in left hand (mcmillan do a right hander) so I'm considering whether someone like SSS could inlet one of theirs for decent money.


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    I contacted them last year and I was quoted seven hundred od pounds for a tactical style stock with aluminium bedding
    and pillared with all furniture fitted ,I believe that this company has a good product. I take it you are after a basic stock I guess that if you wanted furniture fitted the cost will rise.

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