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Thread: Roe Medal Heads

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    Roe Medal Heads

    A few of you were posting that you would be taking your Roe to Scone.

    Well how did you get on?

    I did here that the Scottish record for Read has been broken.

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    I took up a head for a friend which made silver and drove off leaving 3 of mine sitting in the garage! Plonker...

    I asked Ian Watson there if they had seen anything outstanding coming through and he replied 'not really...' That was on Saturday though.

    I did see a Fallow head there that was scored gold. What a size!!!

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    One of my mates made silver with his ,havent spoken to the other yet to see how his done .

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    Spoke to Ian on the Sunday and he said that the number of heads to be measured was down, and this is the first year that he can remember that no head scored over 150 CIC.

    Saw the new Scottish record Red, bit of a monster shot in Dumfries and Galloway apparently.


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