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Thread: Jack Orton Tweed Breeks

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    Jack Orton Tweed Breeks

    I've taken the tags off these, but they have never been worn outside of the bedroom (to try them on ) and are as new.

    I've kept them as a spare pair but I've been having a clearout and they are fitting a bit too snug, so they have to go.

    34 inch waist.



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    Hi, have you got a photo? I have a jacket, just want to see if its the same tweed?

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    Will try to get pics up tomorrow for those that want them. About 200 miles away from my camera at the minute!


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    are they the Jack Orton Winchester Breeks?
    dark or light green tweed?

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    Photo of breeks, as promised
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails P1010087.jpg  

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