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Thread: Getting that last bit of smell from a head.

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    Getting that last bit of smell from a head.

    Well been busy cleaning off the skulls from stalking with mark and have cleaned bleached and mounted 4 of them (waiting to do the last 2 as I have ordered a jig for a long nose) Any way the four I have done still have a bit of smell to them so they're currently in the garden shed not the wall in my bed room. I cant remember this being much of a problem on the couple of other roe heads i've done. I think its the small amounts of flesh i've still got in the nose canal/ brain cavity or between the coronets and predicels. If i leave them for a week or two should the smell go? anyone got any tips on how to remove the smell faster?


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    George get them back in the peroxide mate and make sure it hits all the bits i use the liquid stuff because it gets places the paste dont eg into the brain area, But if you have cut the heads for a mount then just paint it on the inside of the scull

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