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    Cool Frozen feet

    Hi there, just wondering if for training/tracking using previously frozen deer feet would be any good? I only get out stalking once or twice every couple of months and have not recently had to do a follow up (not a bad thing but the dog looses out). I use the feet for a day or two after to set trails for the dog to track and leave a piece of skin to be found. However these soon start to smell rank and are thrown away. If I froze the feet and small sections of skin, thawing them out and using them at my leisure would that work? Or would the scent given off be altered too much by freezing? Any views/previous experience welcomed.
    Cheers Wingy

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    Frozen Feet

    Frozen feet can be used between 3 and 4 times with the traditionalists using scent shoes with a fore foot in one and a rear in the second boot clamp.Cut the skins into 12/18 inch squares and freeze in individual bags.They can be used 3/4 times .BUT remember if anything smells rotten ditch it as you are training a dog to follow a blood/foot trail and not carrion.

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    As kit said, if frozen they can be used a few times. i generally only use them 2 or 3 times. The second time i will put slits in the hoofs them selves. But i would recommend using the hooves and skin from the same deer to make a trail, as I'm sure they all smell sightly different!

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    Cheers thanks for that I just didn't want the dog learning to track a scent that was not right. I guess when you say use them 2-3 times you thaw them out, use them and then re freeze?

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    Frozen feet

    Thaw them out use, refreeze,Thaw them out use etc. You should only be doing a training track once or twice a month so as not to bore the dog.I leave mine on the scent shoes and put in bottom drawer.
    I can supply two

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