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Thread: Rubber butt

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    Rubber butt

    Anyone know where to find a rubber butt plate/cap for a BSA .243?

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    I almost picked one up from an air rifle supplier, but ended up not getting one.

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    If John Knibbs hasn't got any, or Norman Clarke, try Kynamco. They do the "Red" recoil pads that althogh not correct for the rifle would at least be in keeping with its Britishness.
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    John Knibbs has them, that is the ventilated rubber ones as fitted to the CF2 and Monarchs. Not sure about Hunter and regent pads as they were different. It will require fitting....................... i.e grinding down to fit the stock perfectly in most cases.

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    It seems that the centre fire rifles had dark or black pads and the sir rifles a reddish hue one. Hope that helps.

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    thanks guys, any idea what a smith will charge for the fiiting?

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    Ahhh that's the million dollar question. Pete in Boston charged me 25 to do one on my P-H 1200V as I wanted a slimmer pad to reduce the length of Pull. He is quite a stocker I understand and his father was a very good gunsmith too although I never met him.

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    25 would be a good price, a lot of work fitting a pad.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ejg View Post
    25 would be a good price, a lot of work fitting a pad.
    Ahhh just remembered that as I was going to be stripping off the old finish and re-doing it he could go right down to the wood without worrying about damaging the finish. reduced the cost a bit. Pete has fitted a couple of me over the last couple of years. The P-H Supreme No4 sporter had a thick vented pad fitted when I acquired it so LOP was very long so I got an oversized rubber BSA rubber plate off John Knibbs and Pete fitted it. He also did the restriction of magazine and fitted a service kit of springs and friction washers to the old 50's Browning Auto Five 12b I acquired the other year at a very reasonable cost too. Part of it is that he gave up the premises and has a workshop purpose built in the back yard so has reduced his overheads

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    OMG, I followed this and rang John Knibbs.
    god knows who I spoke to but he was most unhelpful and gave me the distict impression that they couldn't give a toss.
    everyone who knew anything about the parts was "tied up on the phone with orders and would be for the rest of the day"!
    hang on...I have an order.....I hope they aren't all being treated like this!

    I wont be ringing them back but they could really do with someone else on front of house!
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