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Thread: Nitro Express brass cartridge cases

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    Nitro Express brass cartridge cases

    I have a few of the following NE brass cases that I would like to swap/trade for others. They are once fired factory load cases:

    Kynoch .500 NE 3"
    Kynoch .577 NE 3"
    Kynoch .600 NE 3"

    If anyone has any other NE cases that they may be willing to swap or sell, please send me a PM.

    I am also interested in buying examples of any other brass cases to make up a collection, so let me know what calibres you have, big or small.

    If anyone is generous enough to donate examples, I will willingly donate money to charity for this kindness.

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    I have loads of Kynoch .470. I do not reload them if you want them please send me pm.

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    Anything in particular you are looking for? I acquired quite a few cartridge cases over the years, whilst working at Westley Richards & Co ( from relatively dinky, up to and including the mighty .700/.500 and .700/.577 big game double rifles that we built ).

    Kind regards, Jim.

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    I can prob help you with some .500 brass!

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    Very grateful to Josh and Sinistral for their generosity....
    I am looking to build up a small collection of empty cases, particularly medium and large bore, so really after anything and everything at the moment! I have a variety of more typical stalking brass from various rifles that I have owned or shot, but as far as NE brass goes, .470, .500, .577 and .600 so far.

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    Just in case anyone is interested, as promised I donated to the following three charities for which my brother has also been volunteering:

    Maiti Nepal - exists to offer help, support, protection and rehabilitation to Nepali girls and women who are victims, or have been victims in the past of crimes such as domestic violence, trafficking for flesh trade, child prostitution, child labor and various forms of exploitation and torture.

    Hope Tohoku - development agency working in the worst striken areas of Japan following the devastating earthquake.

    Frank Water Projects - funds sustainable clean water projects in developing countries across the world. Since it started in 2005 it has funded 70 village projects.
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    Does anyone have any of the following cases that they may be willing to part with?

    .505 Gibbs
    .500 Jeffery
    .476 NE Westley Richards
    .475 No2 NE
    .475 NE
    .460 Weatherby
    .458 Lott
    .500/.465 NE H&H
    .500/.450 NE H&H
    .577/.450 Martini Henry
    .450 No2 NE
    .450 NE
    .425 Westley Richards
    .416 Rigby
    .416 Weatherby
    .416 Remington
    .405 Winchester
    .404 Jefferey
    .450/.400 NE
    .450/.400 3-1/4
    .400 Purdey
    .400/.375 NE
    .375 FL
    .375 2-1/2 NE
    9.5mm Mannlicher
    .360 No2 NE
    .400/.360 Westley Richards
    .400/.360 Purdey
    .400/.350 No2
    .350 Rigby
    .35 Winchester
    .333 Jeffery
    .333 FL Jeffery
    .318 Westley Richards

    Also interested in many others not listed...

    Again, willing to swap, buy or donate to charity in return.....

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    I have a few safari grade specimins I could send down. I'll need to check what I have doubles of. From your list it looks like you have a copy of the reprinted Kynoch catalogue. They have been a good source for my collection! I'll PM you what I have and we can take it from there. The last one on your posted list (.318 Westly Richards) is one I am looking for somebody else if anyone else has a spare!

    Well done on your charity donations!

    GunnyJim; Do you have a list of cartridges you have that you could PM to me please?

    All the best, Hillside

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    I've sent you a PM.


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