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Thread: Sauer S202 Trigger Adjustment

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    Sauer S202 Trigger Adjustment

    Just picked up a new-to-me 300 Win Mag S202 with a set trigger. Is the trigger on these adjustable? There's a bit of creep in the trigger when using it in the normal (ie unset) mode.

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    I mucked about with mine, but do so at your own risk. Take the magazine out and inside the magazine well towards the trigger you will find a flat screw head. There is a spring under tension behind this, so I turned mine anti-clockwise half a turn and it seemed to do the biz.

    the allen screw in the trigger guard is just for the set trigger and doe not affect the unset mode.

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    Thats the screw which has red sealant on it? I want to lighten the normal trigger as mine is about 3 and a half pounds and I like to set to 2 and a half pounds, very crisp break though tad heavy, I've asked on several forums no one knows what that screw is for in the magazine well, any one out there knows!!!. deerwarden

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    You may find this helpfull Deerwarden :

    Atb, Buck.
    "let him without sin cast the first stone"

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    This is the schematic showing the trigger adjustment spring and screw, Should be self explanatory.
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    Cheers, looks like 722 adjusts trigger weight, suck it and see, can always return it to original position. deerwarden

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    Thats a great help 308boy and Uncle Buck. Thanks very much for those links, they're very helpful.

    I've weighed the trigger now and it's 3.3lb (1500g) unset and 1.1lb (500g) set. I'll leave the set as is but might try and get the unset down to 2lb.

    Cheers fellas.
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    Scott, let me know how you get on, I like my triggers set to around 2.5 pounds, the Sauer trigger breaks like a glass rod with no creep or drag, just a tad heavier than my other rifles. deerwarden

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