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Thread: Scottish taxidermy at scone,

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    Scottish taxidermy at scone,

    Hi fellow stalkers it was nice to see some faces from the directory attending my stand and thanks for the good comments,i had no crittics which i thought at least there be one,it was hard on the backside sitting there for 3 days.i missed a few sd boys as my helpers dispeared and i needed the lu so was unmanned without anny losses,when u have to go u have to go,any one wanting my brochures sent out to them please pm me with adress etc,i will be giving a discount on items for sd members if they want.when i got home i was seased up but had an appointment at 6 am with a sd member,we set out to his hill for a stag,weather was great and scenery great,the corrie lit up well,we had a hard stalk down the corrie face for MY FRIEND to shoot a fine 10 pointer 18 stone stag,he took it lying down in a wallow.neck shot at 140yds,never knew a thing. It was difficult extraction but well worth the experience,great to be on the tops, This morning i had aches and pains,you cant beat stalking.hope to see more sd boys at moy game fair,:-d
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    I have never attended the Game Fair Alba, I am not much of a socialiser.. Prefer to be out there alone in the hills.

    Will PM you my address, I am still toying with shooting this 18 pointer in September its a keepering pal's feed stag

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