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Thread: CLA Game Fair

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    CLA Game Fair

    Have just phone booked a ticket for Friday, and not only do they charge an arm and leg for the ticket, 26, they also take a 2 'transaction fee.' There goes my bacon roll! The show better be good, coupled with faultless entry and exit arrangements.

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    You'll be bloody lucky. I don't know how they justify their prices. Newark Gun Show and The Midland Game Fair are much more reasonable. And i thought Which Magazine was taking a Super Complaint out over "transaction fees" - rip off fees more like it. And only 2 quid for a bacon roll - when's the last time you went ?????? Mate paid a fiver for one and could hardly see the bit of grease curled up in the corner of his massive cob (bap to our Northern Bretheren). You'll have guessed i'm saving my dosh for the Newark and Midland Shows

    Rant over

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    I don't understand what all the moaning is about. I think that 25-29 (depending if you buy in advance or on the gate) is damned good value to get the best of the UKs fieldsports related business in one place, along with all of the shopping opportunities, socialising and chances to learn new stuff that a trip to the CLA Game Fair offers. I look forward to it, as does my shooting mad son and even my wife comes along to see the dogs and make sure I don't injure myself whilst momentarily distracted by yet another minx in Dubarry boots and very short tweed skirt...

    I agree that the food concessions are expensive but no-one is forcing you to eat their food - plenty of people seem to do fine bringing food with them.

    I also enjoy the Midland Game Fair, given it's near home and I'd probably go to Newark too if I wasn't invariably away stalking that weekend in February. They are all good for shooting in general.

    Lets hope the sun is shining for the CLA and if you are coming to the show, drop in to say hello to me, Vizslamad and grumpy Richard on the Stalkers UK stand - if you time it right you might even get a free bacon roll (unless John's cooking and you like carbon-based butties).


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    even ugly women look good in dubarry boots ,deako told me that .anybody got any free tickets going ,looking for saterday.

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    The wife and I are going for three days and we might just about manage to see 90% of whats there.
    Adamant I will call in and put a name to a face.

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    Is it really worth the money to walk about looking for filly,s like this and getting a slap for getting caught.

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    Not forgetting...

    Mon - Thurs the same week sees the Royal Welsh Show, the largest agricultural show in Europe.

    I hope to get to both Builth and Blenheim.
    /l\ Y gwir yn erbyn y byd /l\

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    Adamant, I'm with you on this. Going Friday with the family and Sunday,

    6pointer, Just because you are on a died, doesn't mean you can't look at the menu.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 6pointer View Post
    Is it really worth the money to walk about looking for filly,s like this and getting a slap for getting caught.

    The skirts on display at the CLA are at least half as short as that one and some of the legs are twice as long - although that could be my fevered middle-aged imagination...and yes, it's worth the risk of a slap

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    me and mrs badger will be there sat and sun is there a place to meet up

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