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Thread: .204 cal rifle WANTED

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    .204 cal rifle WANTED

    Hello all I am getting rid of my .17hrm to get a longer range varminting rig so looking for a .204 cal I would consider all options of either full rifle setup ( rifle scope mod) or just rifle
    if you have a rifle drop me a PM with the age ,model condition ,barrel length and as much info has you have about the rifle


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    maybe talk to Muir,,the americans are world class in smaller caliber long range varmint setups!

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    Fac and cash waiting all rifles considered

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    Nice calibre just not many around 2nd hand. Any on guntrader?

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    Hi Neil
    There is an axiom howa 204 on airgun bbs and pigeonwatch with dies brass powder and bullets for 500

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    not a 204 but got a mate who is selling a semi custom 20 tac,

    remmy 700 action
    jewel trigger
    24 inch pacnor stainless super match 3 groove barrel
    h&s aftermarket stock
    choice of rings and bases
    20 cal stainless over barrel mod
    redding comp seater die,redding neck and bump die.
    all the cleaning gear,rod,bore guide,brushes,jag mop etc etc..
    also has the load data,powder,bullets,brass etc

    he is selling the nightforce 5.5x22x56 scope which is on it. [ so could do a deal]

    has harris bi pods, other reloading gear like press, etc etc.....
    slings the lot for sale to

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    Has he any pics , price and more info on scope reticle

    Atb Steve

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    have a look at this for a very good .204



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    thanks gents for the replies ...neil

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