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Thread: Which air rifle for rabbits&squirrels

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    Which air rifle for rabbits&squirrels

    I know this may stir slightly after my last post on air rifles but I was out last night with young feller shooting feral pidgions he proved to be very good shot and asked advice on pre charged rifle and scope.
    He has access to land 300yds from next house.
    My preferance would be 177 flatter shooting.
    Anyone have advice I confess I am no expert with air rifles but have always owned one.
    Also is anyone lucking to sell full set up at the end of this month.

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    i have the airarms s410 and love it. caliber is a personal thing...mine is .22 for a bit more stopping power and plenty of practice so you know the drop at range. the .177 may lack a bit of power but shot placement can negate that to some extent, .177 is more prefered for shooting feathered pests where penetration of the feathers may impede a larger pellet. you will need either a divers bottle or a pump for refilling, again dependant on preference.

    i used to own the falcon lighthunter and i think it is still my favourite to shoot but it was only a single shot and i px'd it years ago for my rimmie.

    good luck and enjoy.


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    12ft lbs
    Calibre: .177", due to best trajectory
    Makes to consider: Air Arms S410 PCP.
    Springer: AA TX200

    FAC air.
    Calibre: .22", due to best trajectory
    Theoben Rapid, mark 2, they made 5 different triggers, the best is the Anschutz version in the first 500, not easy to find, the next best is the mark 4 which is the current design.
    Robust easy to fix, like meccano, simple design, good air bottle capacity.
    Daystate Airwolf

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    Good to see you've not lost the faith!!

    You may want to consider how old this lad is and what size - PCP air rifles have a tendency to be lumpy things and need a bit more muscle power to control properly - so he may want an interim rifle. PCP's tend also to be higher up the price band - AA S400 or S410 is a great shout - I imagine a decent set up will be 4-600? I have a Daystate Airwolf and you can double the bill for that. (But it is brilliant!) On calibre I prefer 22, but I don't want to start a debate on that.....!!


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    I use a theoban rapid in .20 calibre. It certainly is accurate enough and has accounted for quite a number of squirrels of late. Dont know how many or how far but it certainly is capable of getting the job done.

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    done the whole pre charged thing cost me a fortune went back to my youth ,god that was yrs ago and have a HW 80 and a HW 97 both in 22 they will get passed on to the kids when i am too old and decrepid to cock em

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    hi i got a air arms400 in stops everythink i shoot at . and hit.

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    good choice i got air arms s400 thumbhole stock in 177 cant better it

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    AirArms S410 in .22 for me. I love it! For the money the best gun out there, mine was pre safety catch which is a design flaw but I think the new ones have them. Apart from that they are so balanced and shootable.

    I say for rabbits and squirrels its got to be 22 for hitting power, 177 for birds, just spend more time learning trajectory. You can learn the drop on a 22 but can never get the hitting power with a 177

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    I use a HW97k in .22. Literally hundreds of greys. No fuss springer. Just pick it up with a packet of pellets and you are ready to go. No fussy bottles

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