Hello again all. I have all the kit for winter stalking but I have never managed to find a pair of summer weight trousers that I am totally happy with. The latest pair I bought are Harkila Grizzly Bush. They are perfect in terms of weight, silence and waterproofing but when I wore them stalking in Scotland at the weekend I felt like I might as well be wearing a neon sign round my waist as they were nowhere near blending in with my surroundings. I know that a truly good stalker could stalk in fluorescent pink but I have many faults and, on 2 occasions this weekend I caused a deer to look straight at me. I did my best impression of a statue and, on both occasions and they looked right at me for a good while before bolting. Would less obvious trousers have made a difference? Who knows but that's my excuse.
Has anyone got any suggestions for a pair of summer weight waterproof trousers which will not stick out like a sore thumb?