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Thread: Dsc1 training manual and dvd?????

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    Dsc1 training manual and dvd?????

    can anmyone advise as to where i can buy the above ? ive been on the bds website and was unsure as to what to buy


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    I'd recommend the Jelen training CD and Interactive Learning Centre which has an excellent mock test facility that gives you immediate feedback to see how you're doing. Contact Pneudart on here or visit the website Jelen Deer- Committed to excellence
    Other training tools are available.....

    E t R
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    The BDS ultimate deer data DVD is worth getting - excellent on the whole range of DSC1 questions.

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    Quote Originally Posted by loosehead View Post
    The BDS ultimate deer data DVD is worth getting - excellent on the whole range of DSC1 questions.
    this is the one i was looking at loosehead , but i think i will also do the one e t r is talking about too thanks guys

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    Here is a link to the book i used;

    I can also highly recommend the Jelen deer services interactive DVD.

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    Check these fellas out.
    I bought the manual off them, which they deduct the price off when you do the course.

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    Brian, Just sent you a PM mate..

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    Hi Brian

    A couple of points... If you buy the BDS Ultimate Deer Data CD it has the manual on it in pdf form.

    If you book your Level1 through BDS they will assume you need a manual, which is included in the price. I bought the manual before the course and Cheryl at BDS kindly reduced the price of the course by 30.

    A word of warning regarding the BDS CD - when you run one of the 5 visual assessments for identifying deer species and sex, an incorrect answer will only show as "incorrect". It DOES NOT tell you what the correct species and sex is. I find this to be a glaring ommission, one which I'll be taking up with the BDS at the CLA next week.

    Also, sadly, the individual species quizzes on CWD and Muntjac have quite a lot of questions where the correct answer is the deer species you're taking the test on. For example, when taking the Muntjac quiz... "which species of deer has short, hooked antlers?" As the question only appears in the Munjac quiz, you can be fairly sure the answer is "Muntjac". 7 out of 10 CWD questions had the answer CWD as well.

    The other quiz sections are excellent and will explain wrong answers and give the correct one.

    On balance, if you're paying 30 for a manual, I would still say it's worth spending the extra 20 on the CD, as there's a lot of very useful information - just be aware of it's shortcomings!

    On a final note, I used the BDS manual and CD to pass Level1 last week, so it can't be all bad!

    If you have any specific questions, feel free to PM me.

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    I was going to buy the CD at Scone last week but found out its for PC only, it won't play on a mac (apple).
    But i agree for the extra 20 its worth going for the CD.

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    Honestly you can pretty much pass the DSC1 with just the book. I would only recommend getting a dvd if you are really struggling with the material.. after all thats what you are paying them to teach you!

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