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Thread: Refurbing Swarovski Binos...

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    Refurbing Swarovski Binos...

    Hi there...looking for some help , does anyone know where I can get a set of Swarovski 7x42 Habicht SL Binos refurbed, they need regassed, and cleaned, and the eye rubbers need replacing, after years of wearing anti midge cream.....

    Thanks in advance guys.

    Pics att.

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    Best place to go is Glasgow Binocular repair company they did a great job on my extenable stalking scope
    just send them in and they will quote you ba price first.Other people on the site have used them as well
    Regards Graham
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    Swarovski !!!! You bought good glass they are the people to talk to.

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    Thanks Guys, I'll get onto them tomorrow...

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    Absolutely speak to Swarovski Customer Service - they are brilliant and look after their customers extremely well. If you send them in with an unknown fault, they'll probably do all you ask and while looking for it.....

    E t R
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    Completely refurbished mine when I dropped them out of a high seat and they fell apart, no charge offered a cost of 32 to replace the lenses which were scratched, which I gladly paid. Their U.K. Representative is up north, look on their website for address.deerwarden

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    i reckon swarovski just send you a new pair looking at what they did to my mates pair

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    Quote Originally Posted by trouble View Post
    i reckon swarovski just send you a new pair looking at what they did to my mates pair
    Swarovski uk 01737856812

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    Yip, I would definately contact Debbie Eagle at Swarovski UK. They were extremely good with my repair, didn't charge a penny, and as "trouble" said, they looked like a new pair to me.

    >>Swarovski UK Contact Form<<

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    At risk of being a boring poster - second all of the above. Glasgow bino centre very good. However, Swarovski service is astounding. Well worth contacting them in first instance.

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