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Thread: looking for a 30.06

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    looking for a 30.06

    gun only or full outfit ,what you got

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    See the classifieds, my Steyr Luxus modular is still up for grabs.

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    Try mmbeatle, think he has a tikka for sale

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    Quote Originally Posted by Frosty_morning View Post
    Try mmbeatle, think he has a tikka for sale
    Or have a look at the Classifieds, my Steyr is still there
    If you don't want the spare magazine and spare .243 barrel the price is negotiable - to a sensible degree.

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    still looking ,somebody must have a sako sauer etc lurking at the back of the gun cabinet .ticket and cash waiting

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    Quote Originally Posted by derek.snr View Post
    ..... cash waiting.
    This phrase never fails to crease me up. I'm grateful for the amusement as it's pissing down here.

    We've moved on a bit from the barter system. Beads or assorted livestock were replaced by hard currency some time ago .

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    It is rather a pointless statement really.
    Who would go shopping or look to buy something if you didn't have the cash
    Imagine the scenario.
    Alright I'll have that rifle off of you, how much is it?
    "OK, here's 10, I'll pay you another 10 next week and if my favourite Granny dies the week after that, I'll pay you the balance, but if not, I'll pay you whatever I can as I get some"
    I think the answer might be on the lines of ---On your bike mate

    PS, There are thirty six 30-06's of various makes on Guntrader, I've just done a search for you.
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    but none i want ,will proberbly buy new as you never know what loads some people have shot through used for cash waiting too many window shoppers on some forums am afraid ,for the sake of a couple of hundred quid i think i will buy new.

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