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Thread: Three Bulls, A Rabbit and a Roe Buck !

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    Three Bulls, A Rabbit and a Roe Buck !

    I had the near perfect novice out Stalking this week. RC arrived on Tuesday afternoon and after the usual introductory chat went out to try the Target. This was no problem to him at all - - with my .243 he had three Bulls in relatively quick succession! On turning round we then notice that a Rabbit is standing quite unconcerned about 40 yards behind us. Luckily we also had the .22 and my lad took the opportunity to despatch it with a bullet just below the ear.
    After supper we went out Stalking but to no avail. The wind was coming from the North East and this really seems to affect the Roe here. None of the usual suspects to be seen. We did see one very good middle aged Buck but he was very close to a house and we couldnít take him - - heís probably smart enough to live to a ripe age if he stays there.
    Next morning we were up at 3.30, the wind still very strong from the NE and hardly a Roe to be seen. The one or two that we did see were all Does. - - Embarrassing !
    We carried on until about 6.30 when on turning a corner my newcomer spots a Roe in the far corner of a field up against the wood. Notice that I didnít spot it - - more embarrassment! Anyway on having a look through the Binocs it turns out to be a young Buck, (what relief!) we manage to get reasonably close and as it is reaching up for its last mouthful of Honeysuckle RC despatches him with no problem.
    Hopefully itíll be the first of many and I fully expect to see him contributing to our Forums in the future.


    PS -- The management and myself had the Rabbit for supper last night - - St Davids Rabbit she calls it - - delicious!

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    Nice write up JR good to hear you are still managing to get one or two, great ground you have up there! hope one or two still about for when i manage to get my buck season started again! and come up for a visit. I'm still limping a bit but with the physio getting better everyday.


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    Hi George - - good to hear from you. I'm keeping my fingers crossed and hopefully you'll soon be running about!

    Look forward to seeing you in a few weeks.



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