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Thread: Worst thing you have found in your stalking/shooting bag

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    Worst thing you have found in your stalking/shooting bag

    Following on from kingstonandy's Funny smell thread, what is the worst thing that you have discovered at the bottom of your stalking/shooting bag?

    My worst discovery was when I was a student, I returned home at the end of the summer term one year and found a pigeon festering at the bottom of my decoy bag that was stinking out a corner of the garage. It had been there since easter.

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    Ditto pheasant from beating at the end of last season when finding gear ready for the new season...

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    After a mornings wild fowling I get home sorts the spaniels out clean out the kennels clean the gun ,wash down the decoys and the lines from the salt .

    Time to sort out the 6 mallard I shot, I don't hang the birds that come of the saltings I clean them straight away Ive found the go off pretty quickly ,so I lifted them out of the game bag and one got up a flew straight out the door ,the spaniels just looked at me ,I could just see the words they were saying ,it was the way the both turned and looked at each other as if to say what a fcking idiot .

    Never a truer thought was thought the wife wondered what I was laughing at ,when I put it in the game bag it was floppy necked when I lifted them out it was the same , it was a lesson ill never forget .

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    Quote Originally Posted by www.yorkshireroestalking. View Post
    bagged liver 2 or 3 days later.
    It wasn't in the Roe sack or game bag,but found a liver in the foot well in the back of the truck,it had been in there well over a fortnight,it was in a clear plastic bag tied off(luckily)

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    I once took the shiny new Volvo out shooting. I do remeber that it was a particularly warm start to that shooting season. No doubt a contributing factor to the wife's discovery when the car was next used, some 5 days later. I'd left a rabbit in the back to fester.

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    Worst thing I regularly find?

    Bugger all!

    (seems to be theme for today!)
    Nothing worse than coming home empty handed......
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    old one but a good one, a 4 1/2 lb rock that a "friend" had carefully put in my back pack before we when out on the hill for the day. 10 miles of serious stalking for reds in the scree (we start at sea level), stop for lunch to find that not only that I had been carrying an extra 4 1/2 lb rock but it was next to the lunch which now had the consistancy of wallpaper paste !!!!

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