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Thread: CZ 527 17 Fireball Custom

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    CZ 527 17 Fireball Custom

    The very nice man at Merseyside Firearms Licensing gave me the nod on my 17 Fireball project today. I have bought a CZ527 donor in 222, going to mate that with an Archer barrel of about 20mm at the sharp end, threaded M18, then it will be lovingly bedded into a CZ America HS Composite stock and finished off with a Badger Ordnance bolt knob extension . . always wanted a knob extension !!

    Will post pics when its born


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    just sold my 17 fb,
    supper little cartridge,(have .223 too,could'nt keep both)
    18.2g H322 and 25g vmax drops fox on the spot

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    Picked up my fireball today ! Remington model 7 Preditor.
    Can't wait for the mounts to arrive so i can fire it.

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    Im itching to get my hands on the 17 Rem ive just bought!!!

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    sounds good. why the heavy barrel though flyboy ?

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    Heavy Barrel cos they shoot better ?
    ATB FlyBoy270

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    Quote Originally Posted by FlyBoy270 View Post
    Heavy Barrel cos they shoot better ?
    ATB FlyBoy270
    Not necessarily. Even a medium taper barrel in a 17 cal is "heavy" with regard to stiffness. Gunsmiths love orders for heavy barrels: Less turning in the lathe and less chance of distortion from turning compared to a lighter tube. I had a 17 Mach IV (the round the 17FB was copied from) and will offer a word of warning: start at 5% below listed minimum loads... especially with a "custom" chamber. My Mach IV blew primers with minimum loads and my "max" was a grain below minimum listings. My gun has a tight bore and chamber but it happened and, trust me, it was a circumstance worth a few extra rounds of load development to avoid.~Muir

    PS: What are you going to do with that .222 barrel?

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    sounds like your making a death laser flyboy270 all the best but what scope will grace the beast ?

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    I had a sps sporter barrel,with that small 17 bore the barrel is very stiff (oo er) you really dont need great heavy profile barrels with the small bore.I could shoot 5 rounds quickly (+ moderator),without any POI change and with in 1/2" .

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    Mike likes to keep his variables down low!.. evidenced by his, shall we say kill ratio?...........the effects of barrel harmonics may be lessened by the heavier section of barrel, so the heavier the better, unless you have another theory?................ can of worms!
    (The Unspeakable In Pursuit Of The Uneatable.) " If I can help, I will help!." Former S.A.C.S. member!

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