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Thread: Bolt removal on BSA .243

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    Bolt removal on BSA .243

    One of my buddy's has this BSA .243 with a full contact bedded barrell, but he (nor I) can figure out how to remove the bolt

    there's no release mechanism I can find ANYWHERE, nor does pulling the trigger work, messing with the safety, etc. I missing something here??????

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    A long time ago I used to have to clean a BSA Majestic. The drill there was to pull the trigger hard, close the bolt and then keeping pressure on the trigger all the time, open the bolt again and pull it out.

    Regards JCS

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    Thanks J, that's much appreciated, I really thought it was a trigger-pull job will tell my friend to try it!

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    I have one,
    think so long as you pull the trigger by the time the bolt is half way open it will slide out.
    took me a while to figure it out after googling for a while!

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    Ahhh on the Monarch and some Majestics you have to PUSH the trigger forwards..................... NOT PULL it.

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    mines a pull definitely.
    tried pushing

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    Hey mate my BSA Is most deffinate push the trigger back and simply pull the bolt back cheers tojo

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tojo View Post
    Hey mate my BSA Is most deffinate push the trigger back and simply pull the bolt back cheers tojo
    push the trigger "back" towards the butt
    or push the trigger "back" towards the muzzle?

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    I have a BSA in .22 Hornet, that I had the devil of a job with to remove the bolt. I knew the correct procedure but could not get it to clear. It became apparent that I was involuntarily releasing the pressure on the trigger. The method I have adopted is to place the stock in my lap, pull the trigger with my left thumb and maintain the pressure, whilst removing the bolt with my right hand. Works every time. Sometimes I try to pull the trigger in the normal way and maintain the pressure but often it does not work owing to the involuntary release of pressure, despite concentrating on not doing so ! I cannot help with those models referred to by Brithunter, which need the trigger pushed forward towards the muzzle as I have no experience of them.

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    Push the trigger towards the muzzle


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