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Thread: A Hunt or A Rifle?

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    A Hunt or A Rifle?

    A question that is completely pointless but a little bit interesting. If you had "The Money", whatever that means to you, would you spend it on the hunt of a lifetime or a dream rifle? What would you prioritise, an heirloom to pass down to future generations or a good story to tell in your dotage?! A CZ 550 with a great tale to tell or a pristine European double?

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    Instinctively I want to say the hunt, but if that were true I would have fewer rifles and many more shooting stories.

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    Buy a Sako and have both

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    its all about the hunt for me ,not about hunting gear a gun is a tool, a hunt is always with me in my mind ,hunting is in my blood not in the gun safe, atb steve,ps good thread

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    guns can be bought, sold and bought again at any time, BUT that one moment in time the hunt may never come again, the pulse racing, the breath held, a gasp, perfect silence as you squeeze the trigger, the split second that seems to last hours as you fire, these live with you forever and are of much more value to pass down to the next generation than a bit of metal they can't be bought their priceless, MEMORIES.

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    Has to be the hunt for me, guns come and go but you only here once.

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    The hunt's for me, because they last longer ( the mrs probaly agrees to ). The rifles are one thing but nothing beats the memories. I have had to sell all my gear due to familys reasons but i ain't giving up the sport so more happy memories to come and share.

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    Definitely would have to be the hunt for me. And it would have to be in New Zealand. Well it's nice to dream

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    The hunt every time, the old PH will last me out 5 times over and still a goodun!
    New Zealand would do me too, lucky enough to have been and it's just Heaven. it!

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    The hunt. No thinking time needed.

    (...and as I've just bought a euro-millions ticket for tonight - obviously the winning one - I'll let you all know how I get on......)
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