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Thread: 60 gn sierra hp

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    60 gn sierra hp

    Hi guys just wondering if any of you guys are using 60 gn sierra hp varmint bullets in your .243s,im just coming to the end of my first box of them and will deffo be getting another,very accurate in my weatherby,and devastating on foxes,just like to know how others have found em, my load by the way is 45.5 gns of hodgdon h414,3640 fps max load 47.5 gns so not too hot a load,


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    Hi Hornet, use them for foxing in the CF2. 3420 ave. through the chrono and around 1" groups at 100yds. Just the job.

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    Hmbm wonder what they would be like on a roe if you had to? not wishing to start a debate on using varmint bullets on deer,think thats been covered once or twice


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    All my 243 rifles have been fed with Sierra 75 grain HP heads - very very accurate bullet! A bit sharp on the back edge so a decent case mouth chamfer is advisable to assist entry. I think they buck the wind a bit better than the 60 grain version and still tramp along fast enough for normal UK varminting.


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