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Thread: J Saive 16 bore hammer gun

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    J Saive 16 bore hammer gun

    I have to move overseas for work and I need to sell/gift some of my shotguns. This one is my Dad's old gun. He still shoots it every now and then but it's the only one that I can't find any information on. I am specifically looking at the market value of a well used example. I'll post some photos later on today. If there's no knowledge on here then i'll try gun trader or the like.


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    Here are the photos of the gun. It's a 23 (my appologies it's 25.5) inch barrel side by side and the barrel has J.Saive engraved on it as well as a "JS" stamp between the barrels under the fore-end. As I mentioned, if there are any Belgian gun enthusiasts out there or any FN-ofiles, I'd be very grateful for any information about the gun as all the usual internet sources have turned up nothing at all.



    Click image for larger version. 

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    I know nothing of the maker, are you sure its 23inch barrels or was that a misprint, if correct it needs to go on a firearm certificate not a shotgun certificate.

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    Probably my mistake in the measurement. Where do you measure the length of the barrel from on a shotgun? The total barrel length from the break is 25.7".

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    I've done enough reading that my previous post doesn't need answering. The Barrels are 25.5".

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    Please dont be offended but it is a poor quality typical Belgian gun. I have seen 12bore versions go through dealers hands for little as 5! The cross bolt and engraving and screw finish are typical of this type of gun . Most were sold in hardware shops and stamped with their name.

    I'd say if it's worth any sentimental value then keep it as financially it is worth not a lot.

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    I didn't expect it to be worth much if anything. Just wanted info that I couldn't find elsewhere. Can't allow sentiment to get in the way as I need to move on. No offence felt.


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