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Thread: How to get woodland clearfelled

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    How to get woodland clearfelled


    The land I lease has a lot of woodland (tall spruce and conifer), which was originally just planted for 'game' purposes (ie. pheasant drives). There's about 200-600 square metres (I know, it's not THAT much) which I would really like to have clearfelled, for both pheasant and deer purposes as now it's just empty and cold forest bottom.

    already having checked with the landowner being 'ok' with it, how would one go about hiring a contractor to do the work? would they sell the wood and just pass on a profit, or would you have to organise the work first, then find a buyer for the wood?

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    You need a felling licence in the first instance so you will have go talk to the forestry commission for one of those.


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    There are many factors before cutting: from general disruption to felling licences, timber removal (roads in to forest area ), transport costs, selling cash return to pay for the latter replanting grants ,the list can go on and on .

    Maybe ok if you owned the forestry and land adjacent to it for all of the above ,one of the reasons you see many acres of prime standing timber, is the cost to harvest it and remove it .

    The harvesting of it could be done by on of the colleges as a training ground Barony college are always looking for such areas, contact Teal on here thats his game he could give you the right type of ideas, if you have any problem contacting him Pm me for his number .

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    surely thinning and leaving the brash to encourage re growth would be better than clear felling the whole lot and having no cover for anything?

    Its amazing how much grows as soon as you let a bit of light in, we've got one wood we are doing in stages. Brambles are well grown within a year and all sorts of other re growth just appears.

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    You tend not to be able to thin Spruce if it's at all exposed. I assume (seems reasonable) that all the land in Valhalla is exposed in a rugged, manly, wind in your viking style beard sort of way :-)

    Thin it and watch it blow down.

    Contact your local Forest Authority officer for advice on felling. Their contact details are on the grants and licences section of the Forestry Commission website. They're normally very helpful with this sort of scenario.



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    The cost of felling it is likely to leave you with little or no profit - some contractors will fell and remove on the basis that they get the money from the sale of the wood. However, if it needs roads building to get the trucks in and so on then the costs will be far in excess of the value of the timber.

    The other thing is you need to be careful that the wood isn't holding your deer in the area because it will be nice and warm in winter etc. so although you think it is empty you might actually be surprised at how much the deer are using it as cover to lie up. Cutting it down might move them off the ground.

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    Got to agree with caorach tall so called empty woods are not that empty there is a warmth from the needles and they can snuggle up in a shallow depression under the trees and they will have every thing they need except food.

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