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Thread: Zambia, Culling trip

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    Zambia, Culling trip

    I have an opportunity for small teams of guys to form part of 5 day culling operations in Zambia.

    Location: Lusaka, Zambia.
    Dates: April 9th-13th / 16th -20th /23rd – 27th.
    Duration: 5 full nights
    Species: Numerous Impala, some Puku and Eland (species may very). The aim is to cull between 50 and 75 beasts per team over the five nights.

    Price: 5 nights all Inc (excluding alcohol) $1250 pp (Approx 780)

    Details: This is the first time I have offered cull hunts; we usually do the top end Dangerous game trips, so the price is set low. Groups of 4-6 will work as a team from one vehicle and all the shooting will be shared out equally. The cullers must be capable consistent marksmanship at 50-150 yards. The accommodation will be a traditional tented safari camp with service staff. Trophy shooting will be available during daylight hours and is subject to the normal guiding rates, trophy list and paperwork for exportation (price list by request).

    I will fly out with the first group and stay in camp for the above dates. I will be filming the cull, copies of which will be sent to each participant after the trip.

    This is a genuine opportunity for us brits to experience a real African cull at very reasonable rates and everyone will get their hands dirty! The Professional hunter will be Phil Minnaar, a long term family friend and has over 25yrs experience in dangerous game hunting. He is also chairman of the Zambian PH assoc and runs Zambian Game Ranching Services as a private venture.

    Please email me at for further information.


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    What a fabulous opportunity! I assume flights are extra to the cost quoted?

    E t R
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    Hi E t R,

    Yes flights will be extra but ground transfers in ZA are included in the quoted price.


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    Nice one Charly,

    Looking forward to flying out with you bud


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    Hi Terry,

    I`ve sent you the paperwork mate.

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    BA is showing airfares of 363 each way

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    I have emailed the flight details I have booked on.

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