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Thread: Troll removal

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    Troll removal

    Hi to everyone,

    My aplogise for the recent posts I put on the site, if they seemed confrontational with a certain person. It is not my intention to cause harm or serious issues with folk, but persistant idiots that bring into question my integrity and professionalism I will not tolerate, and give no quarter to.

    Some of you will be aware that the certain individual has seen fit to make a B line for myself and Beowulf. This certain individual has been Pm'ing both of us and has now been removed by Admin for I believe the third time. Hopefully he will now get a life.

    A great many of the people on this site are good down to earth people who enjoy their sport and love of deer, I wish you all well and hope we will not have any repeat performances by the Troll that has plagued this site, although it is common knowledge that he uses more than one name. My thanks to Rob for his support, and also for the thankless task of trying to keep the site clean of Trolls.

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    Yes Rob thanks again!
    And in case anyone is wondering why it is, only Malcolm and myself are targeted. We, as well as other posters exposed this individual sometime ago. The other posters have left the site, we still remain and have got him removed a number of times. If it wasn't us taking the flak it would be someone else.
    Although in an ideal world we could just get on with what this site is really about Deer management/stalking!

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    Can you give me some info ref trolls.
    What calibre, are they easy to skin, what do they taste like and when are they in season ?
    I know nothing of trolls other than, many years ago while staying in Denmark, a friend of mine had a hairy, funny faced doll hanging from his car interior mirror which he always referred to as a troll but I din't think they were real!

    sorry about that I just couldn't resist it. Thanks for clearing the dross.

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    Hi EmcC,
    I can help you on this question.
    Troll Calibre:- Base ball bat with 9inch nails, inflated pigs bladder on a stick or any rifle calibre that will ensure that they don't get back up. my personal favourite is the 30mm twin barrelled, close range, rapid fire, Land Rover mounted 'Anti troll gun' by Oerlikon!
    Troll Habitat:- Anywhere that people gather to enjoy each others company and learn from other peoples experiences, good or bad. Trolls don't like anyone enjoying themselves!
    Troll Recognition:- Ugly, selfish and stupid with a faint smell of wee!

    Regards Steve.

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    Excellent response EmcC & Beowulf! I'm still laughing to myself.

    I am the web designer/developer behind The Stalking Directory and rest assured I will be looking at better ways of stopping certain individuals from ruining the The Stallking Directory experience for our loyal users.

    Thanks for sticking with us and thanks again to Rob for doing a great job keeping up with the task of banning the Trolls.

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    Hello Trevwalsh, glad to read that some extra effort is being put into keeping arseholes off the site. This is a good site and I hope that some of the other members will return, now we seem for the moment to have got rid of the s--t for brains member.

    I must admit Beowolf's comments describing a Troll with the hint of urine, also made me laugh. Steve has a very warped sense of humour at times.

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    Haaa...Haaa! Its I the Wulf of much Beo I agree this site is excellent, I suppose thats why I get so upset when the 'Bog Whappits' start their dirty work!
    I've just got back from Shropshire, spent the weekend shooting at Ministerley and Llansilin ranges. Found a nice small 'spit and saw dust' campsite that let you build wood fires and go native! Had a great time! Turns out the campsite is owned by a chap who's brother I've been stalking with! Small world or what?
    I sold my beloved Carl Gustaf 6.5x55 to Minsterley and got 400 for it, I brought it five years ago from Minsterley for 500 so that was good. Brought a 308 Tikka Varmint that is very accurate! So all in all an excellent weekend!
    Nice to be back on the site. Super, smashing, great!

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    you just leave your neck where it is, and if a troll or two trips over it so much the better, your'e not to wind it in unless it gives you better purchase when swinging your troll bashing baseball bat. Good man.


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    Thank you JayB, as a fellow '100+ posts' not out member, I thank you!

    JayB how is your season going so far?

    Agh! Hang on where's Sycombs post gone?

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    My season has not been brilliant, pathetic really. It's my fault I am afraid I'm not fit. Not through lack of effort on my part, it's just mechanical problems and bits wearing out. I am hoping for a recovery but it wont' be quick. Never mind I still get out looking for them, it's just that I cannot get to where I want to be, mustn't let that stop me trying though.

    I like the way this site loses weight now, I noticed this thread is lighter by one SWB landrover

    I think I might be seeing you when you come North.


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