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    Highseat placenment

    I have an area to cover. 300m wide the top left hand corner would be the most productive. However the ground slope uphill into that corner. Ther is a stand of selfseeded fir but due to ground cover (Bracken and reeds) a freestanding would be the only answer 50m from the treeline and 100m from the kill area. Due to the slope would a free standing panther work or would it have to be an enclosed highseat. If you don't ask you never learn, Any highseat in that corner would be eyelevel to deer emerging, Jim

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    Can you post a picture or sketch of the area you will get good advice on here but first important thing I would say is can you get to it without disterbing the area and where does prevailing wind come from? hanging a cammo net from the shooting rail of most high seats is a good idea as deer get used to them moving even when you are not there.

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    Just put a free stander in the middle big man not a problem just makes it hard to get to thats all the deer soon get used to the seat in the middle. I have a couple out on a restock and i sit in the centre.PS I also see deer from them.

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    The prevailing wind is the problem. It rules out the high tree line. 90 percent of the time the wind is west to east and the deer sign are in the south east corner. Self seed does allow some degree of approach from the north 50 yards in from the edge. The north south edge is curved which does not allow a high seat to be positioned there so it must be on the clearfell. It is not the easiest access routes, tried yesterday, Gazza had to come and winch me back alone the road after a minor catastrophy. one side of the landrover dicided to sink into the road trashed by the clearfell. Leaves a mile to carry in the highseat. Mind you I showed him the area after I was back on terra firma and a wee roe wandered out to see what was going on. I was thinking of trying the panther freestanding. Would not want to leave it too long unattended in case in walked. Jim

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    jimbo..... thats why we haven't put up any seats in the past on that area , you need a team of people, the area you are talking about needs a seat due to the amount of sign around there,and I have discussed this with bob quite recently, I will be up there on sun/mon and will give you a shout, I also have the scaffold poles you wanted.

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