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Thread: German pups just born

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    German pups just born

    German pups
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    My Danish freind has one, he calls it his red dog because its so good on red deer and boar, no its not good it's awsome...!!!!

    just wish i had deep enough pockets....!!!!


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    Hope the parents do not come from Mrs Saur.

    The Verein Hirschman just send me the following:

    thank you for your mailabout Hannoverscher Schweisshund and breeding activities from Frau Saur. Wehave a long story about this breed with a lot of trouble and unknown dogs. Thispuppy farm starts in coorporation with another person from Rumania hisname is Mergl. The puppies were born in Germany an get papers from Rumania.From the regulations of the big kennel clubs in each country (p.e. VDH inGermany), this practice is not allowed. All our informations were given to theVDH and FCI. The VDH and FCI started investigations about this situation. Thisbreed is without regulare papers and only commercial.



    stellv.Zuchtleiter VH

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