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Thread: Which scope transmit more light

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    Which scope transmit more light

    I hope somebody here might have experience with either or both scopes

    Schmidt 8x56 (German or Hungarian)
    Schmidt zenith 3-12x50

    I am trying to justify the fix option because that's what I need now but I know I would like the option of the zoom if woodland opportunity arises in the future



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    Played around with almost these exact two scopes in a gunroom in DK last year! The answer IMHO, is most definitely the 8x56! Also, you'll never change the magnification, everyone I know with mag scopes leave them on 4x or 6x for woodland stalking, and 6x or 8x for general stalking or for the hill....

    If you stalk 'in' woodland, maybe 8x is a bit high though, but if you mean stalking 'around' or 'outside' or in big meadows of woodland, it's perfect!

    again, JMVHO, DYOR, GLA.

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    so, approximately, they will give the same 'eyeball' and consequently approximately the same amount of light transmission for a given mag.

    Go for the variable if you are going to be woodland stalking, sometimes the ability to wind the mag down is very helpful IME
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    I use my 8X56 in woodland and have shot deer very close with no problems at all.

    Theory states that the 8X56 will always have an advantage as at a lower mag you are effectively "further away" from the target, with the same exit pupil size as the X50 scope, and so can't see it so well in low light.

    Also the money you save you can spend on some extra stalking.

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    PS. from the S&B's I've handled (and owned), I would always go for the Hungarian, I've seen no better quality in the German manufactured ones TBH.

    ...mind you,,if it came down to light transmission, the Zeiss will let you shoot for 30mins to 1hr later than the S&B...I have both and can honestly admit that the Zeiss would allow me to take that big buck coming out at very last light, no matter how good the S&B is, you would struggle at last light.

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    Come on PKL not someone else hoping for 'Zeiss Pro stalker' status? Just watch this thread decend into the Zeiss is better than this or that or S&B are better. Haha.

    Have owned a 8x50 S&B and currently have the 3-12x50 zenith on my foxing rifle, would say that the 8x50 possibly had the edge, but I'd have to have them side by side to tell. That would only be a guess though, I'd also guess that there will be one less piece of glass in the 8x50's tube making for better light transmission?

    The 3-12x50 is a much more versatile scope, to discount it on grounds of mildly better light transmission with the 8x50 would be a step backwards really. I'd say a similar spec Swarovski or Zeiss will have better light transmitting properties but you won't beat a S&B on reliablity / build quality. But that's only my opinion.

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    Well i can pretty much shoot up until an hour after sunset with both my zeniths a 50 and 56 so i'd love to see a scope that can carry on an hour after that not that you'd need one for legal deer,buy the S&B and get a dog if you want to be shooting that late is my advice.

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    I think the 8x56 Hungarian cant be beaten for light gathering. However shooting at last light is another matter and where illuminated reticles come into their own. I had a zeiss 3x12x56 illuminated and i could still have taken a shot 30 mins after a friend had to pack up with his 50mm swaro. I shot many a fox once I had finished stalking without the need for a lamp with this scope. back on subject I think the 8x56 is the best choice.

    Atb Steve

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    s and b 8x56 100%

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    The 8x56 Schmidt will not be beaten for light gathering capabilities but usually requires high mounts, which don't always suit.

    Where as the 3x12x50 be it fixed or vari is as good a compromise as any, and won't require as high a mount.

    Atb, Buck.
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