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    Goat calibre

    I've just had a chat with my licensing department about my variation-I had asked for .300 win mag for deer, boar, goat, fox and wild sheep. They had no problem apart from the goat and sheep part which they said they wouldn't allow as it's too much gun for them. It's not a major problem as they added goats to my 6.5x55 but I just wondered what those of you who have goat on your tickets are allowed to use on them.



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    I would ask - 1) What is the average weight and size of a goat.
    2) What is the average weight and size of a roe.
    3) What's the difference.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Benc View Post
    They had no problem apart from the goat and sheep part which they said they wouldn't allow as it's too much gun for them.
    No such thing, it's utter claptrap on their behalf. If it can kill humanely then it's suitable. Have you got that in writing from them? Your shooting organisation will help - if you're not a member of one then SACS are normally willing to get involved on behalf of members.

    Also have a look at the BASC .pdf 'Additional Conditions 3' on their website - under 'Departments - Firearms - Guidance Sheets'. Here's the relevant bit, (they refer to foxes but the same is true for any quarry species):

    "BASC receives many calls about additional conditions for quarry species, the typical query being that “the police tell me my large calibre rifles (e.g. .243 or .308) are too powerful and overkill for shooting foxes”. This is simply not true, it is impossible to determine whether something is ‘too powerful’ or ‘overpowered’. The term ‘Overkill’ is a nonsense, as you cannot kill something twice. The primary concern for licensing staff should be that the cartridge is not underpowered. i.e. it must be capable of killing the animal concerned without causing unnecessary suffering.
    Assessments should not be made around the quarry species in any other way; the assessment should be about the applicant and whether he/she can reasonably operate a firearm in a safe manner.

    BTW. I have a .308 for goats via "any other lawful quarry", although I've previously had a 375 for similar.

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    I've got 375 H+H magnum, 308,270,243 for goats !

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    How can they give it to you for fox and not goat ???

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    Ive got 243/6.5X55/270/30-06 for all talk to them again


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    The guidance says use .243 ideally but they're fairly soft if you put the shot in the right place. 70gr hollow points from a .223 demolished the ones I've shot.

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    Quote Originally Posted by paul at barony View Post
    The guidance says use .243 ideally
    No sorry but it doesn't. It says:

    "For feral goats, DEFRA advise the use of a minimum calibre of .243 with a bullet weight of 100 grains to be humane".

    And that is for establishing 'good reason' in the first instance.

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    Thanks for that chaps, I'll have another chat with them. As I said it's not the end of the world as I can use other rifles but I thought it was a strange position for them to take, it's the first variation i've ever had queried although I have to say their turnaround was excellent, I only posted it on Tuesday.

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