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Thread: Folding boot shovel

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    Folding boot shovel

    As title, seen this on amazon at a good price with free delivery.

    Would come in handy for grolloch disposal and for the ferreting boys.

    Draper 89768 Folding Steel Boot Shovel: Car Motorbike


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    I bought one of these 10 years ago and has saved a walk home late at night many times.... beats using the ice scraper as i tried once.

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    Try the German army folder - it has a straight wooden handle but is fairly tough.
    There's a fold out pick as well on it which is handy for hard ground.
    They're available in any army surplus store I've been in and are at a good price.
    I've used it a few times when I got caught out with the terriers.

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    Army surplus for a British issue entrenching tool, cheap, comes in a good plastic case and very durable.

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