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Thread: Sako 75 Deluxe .270 - what to look for?

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    Sako 75 Deluxe .270 - what to look for?


    I'm hopefully going to see a 2nd hand Sako 75 Deluxe in .270 nd wondered if there's anything I should pay particular attention to when viewing?

    The rifle is unmoderated and I think they came from the factory without being screw cut?

    If it fits me ok, I'll be looking to put a mod on it (Prob a Jet Z) , would a m14x1 thread be OK on this barrel profile (as my /243 Tikka T3 is) ??

    Not being overly familiar with hinged floorplate/fixed mag designs, whats the pro's and con's over a detachable mag systems?

    I quite fancy a wee change and get a wooden stocked rifle so if the price is right it could be a goer.

    I'd also be interested to hear your general views of the deluxe model if any of you own one?



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    for the price of the second hand SAKO you could get a new TIKKA

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    I could get a lot of others things for the price of a second hand Sako but the original question still stands.

    I fancy a something with a wooden stock for a change and this has come up locally, so as before, any views on the Sako 75 deluxe would be appreciated.


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    Quote Originally Posted by jason hunter View Post
    for the price of the second hand SAKO you could get a new TIKKA

    Exactly, so buy the Sako, the only new Tikka's are the inferior T3.
    T3 or 75 only one winner there Sako all the way.



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    Quote Originally Posted by jason hunter View Post
    for the price of the second hand SAKO you could get a new TIKKA
    What planet are you from??

    I would rather have a second hand 75 than two new t3's.

    Just because you are paranoid, doesn't mean they aren't out to get you......

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    My only concern would be the condition of the bore, as a stalking rifle it almost certainly will not be shot out, unless it is an ex-FC ranger rifle, but even then I doubt it I don’t think a ranger would have a Deluxe model any way, a Stainless 75 more likely. So long as it has not been mistreated the bore should be fine. Get the bore checked if that is OK then all should be well.

    My own 75 270 shot .75 groups with no load development, I just used some of the ammo I developed for my old 270 I though .75 will sort a red out to 300 yards so that will do me.



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    if you getting to see the rifle before buying it. have a good look at the crown. if the barrel is dirty i would clean it out with a rod. and get a good look at the rifling and the throat.
    m14x1 thread is fine for the sport barrel. this is waht sako and tikka put on there sporter barrels and m18x1 on there varmint barrels.

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    Thank you Tahr,

    It's a friend of a friend who's selling and he said earlier that it's lucky if there has been any more than 100 rounds through it. The guy is an occasional; recreational stalker who currently owns it.
    I will however find out over the weekend and get it checked accordingly if it transpires there's been more rounds than suggested through it.



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