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Thread: Bucks or the lack of them.

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    Bucks or the lack of them.

    Out for a look about yesterday morning to see if i could get a buck.

    Firs up was a doe looking at me across the top of the bracken i think she had a kid with her but could not be sure.

    Next up 2 hinds with 3 calf,s that where only about 100m out past the doe, they must have been lying down in the bracken.

    Left them had only gone about 300m & bumped another doe.

    Headed up threw the wood to the top ride & walked onto another hind with a calf.

    When i got to the top of the wood i walked out onto the moor for a better look along the fence line, nothing moving turned around to walk back to the wood & there staring at me was the only buck of the day, he just turned about & a slowly walked back into the wood.

    Headed back along one of the rides & walked onto another 2 does.

    Finlay got back to the road & yet another doe out on the road when i was heading back to the car.

    Looking promising for later in the year but where have the bucks gone to??

    Any one out there having similar problems.


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    Pre rut can be a dour time for the bucks,and to see many more does is the usual with me.The height of crops and weed growth dont help either but hopefully with the rut they should make an appearance soon.

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    Saw 2 bucks yesterday morning and culled one. 1 of them was with a doe and hassling her 'pre-rut style' by the looks of things, he got culled.


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    It's the pre-rut blues
    I thought I could see light at the end of the tunnel, but it was only some fecker with a torch bringing me more work

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    Plenty of stuff this side of the Clyde Ive left of them now until after the rut got to give everything a chance shot 54 Buck since the start of the season calmed down from the middle of June or there would have been nothing left at all not seeing any new damage just some territory foot scraps.

    Seeing quite a few Does with kids next years work .

    Ive not got any of the local farmers on my case, they had all planted trees which they thought was a good thing but forgot about the Deer management, one small plantation had been getting a seeing too, which prompted him them to get my assistance to sort out any problem before it happened, and the bills came in from the forestry grant schemes looking for there cash and interest back ,there after the other farmers joined in and Ive sorted out the Deer management on all the local plantings.

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    I've been seeing the opposite, more bucks than Does.

    Since 27th June I've been out on 7 outings and we've talleyed up 9 bucks + 1 miss.

    My season so far has produced 40 bucks for 59 outings.
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    Been a poor year for bucks with us.
    Not just pre-rut blues but severe lack since start of season... especially for yearling bucks.
    Plenty of does on ground with a mix of twins and singles at foot.
    Some cull does at start of year showed sign of foetus reabsorption !

    Hoping that our does will pull in some strangers once rut starts

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