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Thread: Curving inward antlers?

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    Curving inward antlers?

    Hi gents,

    I shot this buck a few days ago and wanted to know your thoughts on his curving inward antlers?

    There was nothing untoward on his condition, acting normally before shot taken, legs and testicles etc all normal with no visible signs of damage, gralloch inspection proved fine and he was in good not really sure as to the reason his antlers are as curved as they are?

    I haven't boiled out the head as yet but will get that inspected when it's done but thought I'd post for any you much more experienced guys for some opinions??

    As can be seen fro the pic above, the right hand side one seems longer too.

    I know they vary a lot but would be interested to hear your opinions?



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    Not too sure if anything causes it,and ive shot maybe a half dozen similair and all have been fit,healthy and quite old.Also mine seem to come off high,rough,heathery ground but thats maybe nothing to do with it.

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    I THINK IT IS NORMAL AND JUST A "STYLE "OF HEAD. It may be a hereditary trait although it's not impossible that it might be influenced by feeding available while antlers are growing. We occassionally see similar heads on our heather ground , so maybe that is an influence.

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    Agree its normal lots similar still makes for a nice change but for me the true straight six pointer is the trophy not all these deformed ones.

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    i dont know if its anything to do with it but if you look at some other pics of roe heads on here you will see a lot of the heads from scotland also have this curving inwards just not as much as this one

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    Thanks for the opinions, interesting to note about the heather areas and curving antlers, this buck was actually not too far away from a patch of moorland with heather so could be associated.

    Everyday's a school day eh!



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    Fit like RB

    Ive shot a few like this over the years.

    Agree with others in that it has tended to be on scrubby / heather ground so maybe poor feeding has something to do with it. Obviously genes will have played a part. Would suggest definately putting these curvy lads near the top of the cull list to try and get it out of your populations gene pool.

    happy hunting


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    I shot a buck near St John's Town of Dalry about 15 years ago (before digital cameras sorry!) and all 6 points curved in so much so that the tops of the main beam touched. The only thing I can say to cause it was that he was very old, certainly wasn't a generic trait of the area.


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    it was not shot near westlynton by any chance cheers the atom

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