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Thread: Stained antlers? (velvet head)

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    Stained antlers? (velvet head)

    I have finally got my roe skull clean and I am in 2 minds whether to have the antlers dyed or not? Has anyone got any pictures of heads once the antlers have been colored? I was going to buy the bushwear stuff that you paint on,(costs about 10). Is the bushwear stuff any good?

    Would be great to see some pictures of skulls people have coloured. Or hear some reviews on the bushwear dye. The skull looks a bit odd but not bad,(if you get me?) at the moment so I wouldn't want to mess it up

    Thanks in advance for any replies!

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    these antlers were pure white as i peeled the velvet, i used wood stain and it made a reasonable job.
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    Potassium permanganate, not sure of spelling paint on goes on purple but dries very natural looking may need a couple of coats polish the tips with fine sand paper to get them white, potassium permanganate can be bought from chemists or even evil bay. never tried the stain from Bushwear so can't comment.

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    I have been told tea bags work and give a very good effect, boil a pot of tea and dangle them in or what I have used is oak bark in a boiler and the tanin stains them really well as its natual, the bark they fray on has it in so contributes to the staining na.turally

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    If I remember correctly it was Mark from Bunwell Wood shoot who suggested Game Keepa Supplies. I got a tub from them. Excellent service and have done one antler on an axis buck head that came out of velvet. The other will be done soon. It looks a lot better in my opinion.


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    Cheers guys! I'll try the tea bags as that sounds the most straight forward! If not. Are you just painting the wood stain on? Thanks!

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    how did you get on with colouring the antlers?

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