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Thread: Legislative obstacle?

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    Legislative obstacle?

    Just had a few minutes to open the B.A.S.C. mag, a small piece of interest, "There is no legislative obstacle to using any firearm for fox control, unless prohibited by a condition on your firearm certificate, foxes fall within the definition of "vermin" and no court has said otherwise. If "vermin" are featured in the certificate condition it is lawful to cull them with a rifle. However using an air rifle or a calibre which was likely to wound a fox rather than achieve a clean kill could lay you open to prosecution under the animal welfare legislation. For best practice advice about the use of rimfire rifles please contact B.A.S.C.'s firearms department.

    Hard to make use of this nugget of info when some police forces don't seem to agree with it! .................. wonder if anyone could take up the sword on behalf of those of us who are denied the rule of law?
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    If that's the case, then do we assume that the same applies to wild boar?
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    An interesting comment by or in a BASC magazine as a conversation I have had with them suggests that fox has to be named on your fac eg my 223, 243 and 308 .....shall be used for the shooting of fox/deer...... where my 17hmr says ......shall be used for shooting vermin......BASC suggested that as fox was not detailed on the .17hmr and was for the 223,243 & 308 then no shooting charlie with the .17!!

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    I can think of a good few muddles & messes in the world of firearms legislation, that would occupy my time if I could just lay my hands on that 166 Million!
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