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    Hi All
    Does anyone know site member "theshootist" they have won the day's Fallow-nights boar stalking on the M&S auction I have pm'd them but it hasn't been opened yet I could do with talking to them quite quickly.


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    MMMMM, Malcom has the same problem Wayne mate, i just hope these people get in touch as it will have been a bit of a sh**house trick to pull that kind of stunt, especially as it`s for charity.

    Come on guys, get in touch if you have bidded


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    I have been contacted by Wirehair, so all is well. He is coming up from Sunday onwards for his 3 days. So he gets to go on the Stags

    Hope your chap gets in contact soon Wayne, please let me, JAYB or Mrs Gyr know if you have problems.

    Catch up with you later in the year I hope

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    I had a look at his profile from the membership list and he would appear to have made no post's. Have you tried e-mailing him, you can do that from his profile. Try that and see what happens, good luck.


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    Hi Wayne,
    If you can't get in touch with "the shootist" PM me, I would be interested in picking up that one if it becomes available again.

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    Hi All
    I have spoken to theshootist and we are sorting a date out.
    Thanks for all your help and the pm's with offers to take it up if he couldn't be traced.

    Cheers Wayne

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