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    Stil trying to get her to hold a line and i must admit to being as bad with the camera lol.

    Stay on the line or your in the free adds

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    This is the dog i didnt mention. She is a lovely little thing as you can see !!!!!!

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    hi 6p that dog to fast for you .

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    Looks like she's looking for a good spot for a dump LOL

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    is she wearing real tree,!!!

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    Well lads was out this morning on a vulnerable area and had a long shot at a spiker buck. Hit him good in the chest but boy did he run 80 - 90 mtr.s I had tied Ria up on a tree tube so went back for her. I put her were i though i had hit the buck (first mistake) She looked a round and was senting were the buck had been feeding .She made her way back about 15 more mtrs and she went nuts blood bits of lung every were. I just stood for a few minutes to let her settle. She was off like a shot on the line she looked as if she was missing stuff but not a chance when she got to two mtrs off the deer she froze and then stalked like a cat in to the deeper green stuff. I must admit the wee dog done well and it was not easy as a doe with twins was on the same spot.

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    There you go Davie! but gently gently she is very young.

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