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Thread: The Scandinavian Model - A Different Path to Wildlife Management

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    The Scandinavian Model - A Different Path to Wildlife Management

    I was sent this interesting link by a friend. 3

    Regards JCS

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    I currently work in Norway and have lived and worked in Sweden. Believe me you would not like the quota system they have. It probably works according to the numbers of hunters they have. But their system does not allow the landowner to manage deer numbers as in the uk. ( in theory anyway) The hunting seasons for deer moose etc are short and torrid.

    For all the people we have who enjoy either the recreational sport or the "pros" ( some of who`s superior attitudes are a pain in the butt) the system in Scandanavia in real terms would be a massive blow.

    I know others on SD who live in Norway may contribute to this thread, i await with interest.

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    I agree keep it were it is why do yu think the scandanavias head over here

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    I live just outside Oslo and have hunted over here since 1985 (although not big game until the last 5-6 years). I had a quick read of the article and would agree that the Scandinavian system doesn't have much to recommend it for Britain. As mentioned there is alot of red tape involved with the local authorities deciding cull numbers and sexing. Also shorter seasons would'nt agree to most people. As long as Britain has the wealth of wildlife that it does and things have been working out OK, dont fix something that aint broke. I for one look forward to my annual British stalking trip!

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    It's also worth bearing in mind that there are actually very profound differences in approach between the Swedes and the Norwegians. I'm no expert at all, but based on coversations with Swedish and Norwegian colleagues, this appears to boil down to a more top-down, centralised approach in Sweden, and a very localised approach in Norway. While you might think this would favour Norway, in practice it seems to mean that priorities tend to be dictated by sheep farmers, with quite negative consequences for many other stake-holders.

    I think that we actually compare extremely favourably with almost any management system in the world. It may be a terrible PITA to actually get an FAC, but it is glorious to be quite so free with what you can shoot and when once you have it. To be able to to shoot roe deer on any day of the year is a real privalege we whould be very careful about protecting.

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    Interesting but is it applicable to here, it was introduced due to over hunting , a situation that we have not encountered in recent times, do we need quotas not at the present time, populations are not in danger here but it is something we need to monitor, for example Red deer numbers in Scotland are probably at an all time high, but in some areas there is a marked imbalance in the population with a shortage of mature stags. However on the whole the UK system works well, which is why its such a popular destination for foreign hunters.

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    Interesting read - and, as I suspected, the Scandinavian model is very similar to the North American model. I can say that our model is very robust for increasing endangered populations and ensuring uniform access to hunting when those populations are restored. There are some things that we do much better than you all.

    That being said, we also have some significant shortcomings. Once we have a population well-established and at huntable numbers, we often cannot provide effective control. With our bag limits and seasons and the inability to commercially dispose of carcasses, we are unable to cull enough. If you were only allowed 1 or 2 roe per year, per county, you would not harvest in a manner that manages the population as a whole. You would prefer to fill your tags with nice bucks, leaving the does relatively unscathed. In some states we have actually mandated taking of a doe before a buck license becomes valid.

    If I was to merge the best of both worlds I would definitely use your UK culling model, allowing management by property. I would also like to see a game dealer pathway for the sale of legally taken venison (However, in all honesty, we Americans would have a steep learning curve to provide your quality of meat care as our average hunter is much more haphazard in carcass care). What we have that is better is greater public access. With a single rifle and shells (purchased over the counter, no FAC needed), a hunting license (usually around 50 Pounds or less), and a hunter safety certificate, a lad can hunt on public or private ground.

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    I agree that the uk model isn't perfect but works partly at least much like others work to some extent, however we should lead the way with constant improvements, like access to public land,however, this will never happen as even some of those within the sport oppose it fearing the decline of their business, stature, & exclusivity, along with lucrative incomes, and the FC throwing huge weight towards the need to constantly kill more deer at any cost & by any method, policy which itself has spawned another lucrative business in the slaughter of deer in the name of tree protection so unfortunately progress in the UK will be slower than it should be however we have a lot to be thankful for and the system in place however flawed seems to be working for many to enjoy a little sport!

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