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Thread: roe buck still in winter coat

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    roe buck still in winter coat

    I shot a roe Buck on Thursday and it was in full winter coat, does anyone know why this is?
    It certainly confused me.
    Thoughts please, you experienced stalkers.

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    Had one last year mid june still in full winter but it was a particularly cold area after a hard winter.


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    No only young and in good health, I hope that someone out there can come up with some reason for this.
    Thanks for your reply.

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    Retention of winter coat would make me look for signs of TB, was everything normal on the gralloch?

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    Yes checked out alright with no sign of TB or anything else.

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    I have a last years buck that has just changed to summer coat. He is in fine condition and at present I would not consider that he has any illness or conditions. He is on the cull list and I will be making sure when I gralloch him but I would not expect any problems.

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    I regularly shoot bucks even in the rut still retaining some of their winter coat, for some reason usually on the commercial forestry ground, whether the feeding is sub standard, as usually any of the farmland stalking I have the buck cast there coat well.


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