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Thread: Red Hind

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    Red Hind


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    To me she just looks younger in the face than the one in the edge of the frame. Do you have any more pics?

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    Looks like a youngster to me too. The face gets longer as the beast ages.

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    Nothing wrong with a shorter fuller body

    I bet if you don't look so hard she starts to look more and more like the others.


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    Red deer are like any other animal, some smaller some larger, some grey in colour some dark red, long face, shorter face.

    Just like humans they are all individuals, and as individuals they sometimes stand out more. It may well be a younger animal, but the only real way to tell is by the teeth.

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    are these the deer you keep or wild deer? if they are yours could you get it into a building of some sort to check its teeth?

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    No chance tikka.308. even less chance in her case than some of the others. She never comes too close regardless of incentive. If I had no food at all she would be several counties away.

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    she a lovely looking hind looks young a nice animal .i would watch hinds all day . teeth are a good guide its hard to age sika by them as some eat grass on low ground,some live only on the hill. a ear tagged sika hind died of old age at 16 on the hill only a few hundred yards from where she was tagged as calf about a year later another was found just die n not far a way from where they were tagged . we should be tagging more calfs .there is a few tagged where i cull its a bitch having to look at ears in the middle of a burst .the oranage tag saved them more than once

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    I know what you mean irishgun. I sit and watch them for ages, they are so elegant and at the moment very talkative. I would say that the one in the photo is the one in the best condition and I am fairly sure she did not calve this year. Maybe that adds weight to the thought that she is a youngster.

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