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Thread: Tikka M55 7.62

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    Tikka M55 7.62

    TIKKA M55 in .762 in pretty good condition- 425. Now 395
    The bolt handle is still black unlike most that have been polished,
    this would suggest an easy life.
    The action and barrel are blued and of the quality you would expect
    of an older Tikka.
    It's chambered in 7.62 which will take military ammo as well as .308
    with no issues. I am guessing this was the reason for re-barreling it
    in 7.62. The barrel is 23" threaded 1/2" 1:12 varmint profile fitted
    by the previous owner. It appears to have had very little use.
    I worked up a load for it very easily and to well under an inch grouping
    with Varget and 155gr SMK's.
    Comes with an original metal 5 round mag, thread protector and optilock bases.
    The rings, scope, moderator and bipod shown in the pics are not included in
    the sale.
    Stock is the Super Sporter with the accessory rail and pronounced right
    hand comb. It has been finished in desert brown with black veining.
    Trigger has been fettled - it is very crisp and set very, very light.
    Rifle will come with 100 twice fired RWS cases, cleaned and neck sized,
    ready for use.
    The action screws have been replaced.
    I bought it earlier this year to use as a 6.5 project but the barrel is
    so good it would be a waste to chop it, the real decider for me though,
    was the unavailability of another five round mag, I need the rifle to
    have 10 shot (2x5 round mags) capability, so it is back up for sale.
    Rifle is in Wiltshire but am happy to ship via RFD at your expense (25.
    I shoot regularly at Bisley if you would like a try before you buy.
    Advertised elsewhere.
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    Price reduced - Now 395

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    Sold to Matt pending the usual.

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