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Thread: Bloody trains! urgh

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    Bloody trains! urgh

    Thought i might pop out for a stalk sat morning! got up at 0400 and at my permission at 0420, it was perfect! slight breeze overcast and warm! decided to start from the "top" feild which is about a foot of meadow about 30acres, pulled into the gate drove down headland about 100yds stopped had a gypsy kiss!! loaded up and had a glass of the field and spotted a doe with twins!! good start!.
    I walk about 10 meters down the headland just before the edge of the wood and a dirty great fox was sitting on the bank! now when i stalk i only stalk for quarry intended! but 3 of the farmers in the area have told me of 2 foxes taking geese and chickens so for the exception to the rule it had to be done! well i tryed as i was just bringing the rifle to the aim the bugger pinged me and gave a huge bark! and ran off, i then continued to stalk the woods only seeing 3 more does! i then headed down towards the railway line to the other set of fields that usually produce a buck or 2, as i walked down out of the woods and over the rail bridge i had a peek over the wall only to see a fox on the! about 150 yds down! as i glassed it 100yds further up the line i could see somthing else braking the tree line! to my amaze it was a munty buck! bargin dont see many on my patch! the bugger then trotted up onto the line just as a 125 trains blew his horn about 1/2 mile up track! oh bugger i thought! i tryed shouting at this buck the fox heard me and trotted off BUT the stupid munty just stood and waited! dahh no station here! and BANG! the train hit him square on! i went down the field that runs along the line about 4 meters from the fence and it was mashed big time! and that was it for the day! no other bucks seen but did manage another fox!!..

    BAN THE TRAIN!!!!!!!

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    Could the fox be checking out the line for mashed munty

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    Quote Originally Posted by roedeerred View Post
    Could the fox be checking out the line for mashed munty
    It's possible. The keeper on one of my patches says he shoots the majority of foxes he gets under a pylon line that bisects the farm. Apparently they patrol underneath it for birds that have flown into the power lines. Not daft, old Charlie!
    You can't say muntjac without saying, Mmmmmm.

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    The munty would have made a geat bait for the foxes.

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