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Thread: Goats...... you do what with them?

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    Goats...... you do what with them?


    I've noticed recently that goats are becoming a topic of discussion, and i was wondering what do you folk who shoot the goats do with the carcasses?.... I ask because in the past someone i know used to shoot quite a few and just basically remove the heads and leave the carcasses on the ground! which to me is such a waste!
    Are there outlets for the meat or do people have to have them disposed of to local hunt kennels or incinerators???


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    I have been the lucky recipient of some Goat meat from a friend who shoots them in Snowdonia. From what he has told me the kids and small adults up to 1 year old are fine but after that they get left on the hill. I have to say they made very fine curry goat with a deal more flavour than reared kid. The River Cottage cookbook has a good recipe for curry goat. Also a plain roast kid joint is meant to be good. Haven't had chance to try that yet. Pat Faulkner at Richards Castle has a few come through his larder from time to time.



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    Old Billys stink, so I shudder to think what they may taste like.
    Wherever I have shot them we were instructed to hide the carcases amongst the rocks and leave them for the foxes and grey crows.

    I brought a couple of heads back from Scotland still in the skin and my motor stunk of goat for ages.


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    Shot quite a few and the meat is not to my taste, did find a market for the skins when I was culling, some locals would
    take a young female carcase, but nobody would take a Billy or even a mature female,did hear of a game dealer who was taking them as there was a demand from the Asian community, but not sure if that is still the case they seem to be much stronger tasting than domestic goats but that may be down to diet, the ones that I was culling were living on heather
    very poor grass and sea weed.
    Even if you can find a market I would imagine you will get a very poor price as they will be in very limited demand.
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    culled billys before 11mth old are as good to eat as a nanny under 3 yrs. leaner & better for digestion than , industrialised sheep meat

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    Fab2,a member on here, shot a two year old billy a year or so back. He is the chef in an Italian restaurant and invited me to a meal on the day the place was closed as he was hosting a do for all his friends who have Italian eating houses in the city. The meal was of five courses all Goat. Stews , steaks, grills, minced meat with pasta even cooked liver. To my surprize it was all lovely even if the back of his truck did smell for a while. He said Goat from the heather hills of Scotland is to the Italians without equal.


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    Johnny Gurkha loves a goat or two. May I recommend one particular speciality ... goats hoof soup! Yum, yum.

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    Game dealers used to take them, we also used to catch them up live and ship them down to Paisley Hallal slaughter house.
    Any goat running all the time with a billy will be stronger [same as sheep]

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    I cant imagine any hunt kennels feeding goat

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    Goat is my favourite meat, just needs to be cooked for a minimum of 2 hours but the longer the better, I make curry goat but it has to cook for at least 3 hours and then there is nothing to beat it for flavour

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