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Thread: This Mornings Buck

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    This Mornings Buck

    Hi All
    I was out on the new ground i have permission this morn at 4.30 with a very good friend.
    I decide we would stalk together to first thing and we stalked through some grass meadows in the middle of a 50 acre wood as the crops are still very high, when i spotted a Muntjac making its way across the field towards a hedge, and not stopping to look back. Reuben then tried the buttalo call for a little while to see if anything would appear from the woods, with no sign of deer we set off again.
    After approx one and a half hours on foot we returned to my truck to drive round some fields to have a look, only to go round the first field and see a nice buck with a doe. we decided to carry on and leave them to go about their morning feed.

    We then crossed the road to get ont the other side of the 1600 acres of amazing Norfolk farmland, and was only just into the first field and see a doe with a nice young kid walking from a weat field.
    I carried on down the track and a very nice Buck and doe came running from the hedge we were heading towards, so we slowly drove to the bottom of the farm to park up and start on foot again.
    I gave Reuben a choice of which part he would like to stalk, and after setting some rules we parted.
    I stalked around a very large field with two little cops in it and see fresh Red deer slots and plenty of signs they were there through the night.
    I carried on looking into a small wood along the side of the field, I had walked for approx
    45 mins when I spotted a very good buck walking through the middle of a corn field towards the dyke, I crawled for about 100 yards and kept stopping when he looked up so it took me about 25 min until the field i was then in was only about 12 inches high so I had to belly crawl about another 30 yards, I had left my sticks when i started to belly crawl, (not a good idea) as I was now looking at my buck aroung 90 yards away with my bipod not tall enough for the crop. I slowly sat up and got the rifle on my knee as the buck turned broadside on I flicked the safety catch and squeezed the trigger. the buck fell on the spot.
    This is by far the best buck I have ever stalked and after I checked to make sure it was dead I then called Reuben as I was a little bit excited to say the least.
    after a few pic and the gralloch we loaded the truck and came home to a full english breakfast cooked by me.
    ( I have capped the Buck to have it mounted is there any way to have it checked to see if it is a medal, or would anyone know how to check ?)
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    nice write up mate , and a nice buck , i would say your looking at a medal there !

    Discretion assured
    - call us anytime, free on 0800 689 0857

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    http://uksha1 or find us on facebook
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    DTD When you give it to the Taxidermist tell him you want it measured. HE WILL TAKE THE SKIN OFF FOR YOU AND THEN LET YOU KNOW IF IT IS WORTH SENDING AWAY. The lads off here like Monarc will sort you out its not a problem at all. But please let them skin it takeing a cape off round the antlers needs to be done buy an expert. Lets face it it is them that need to fix it back together. PS nice old buck you got there.

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    Thanks 6pointer, I have wrapped it and cooled it to put in the freezer, i will try to get hold of someone as you said.

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    Quote Originally Posted by leec6.5 View Post
    nice write up mate , and a nice buck , i would say your looking at a medal there !
    Thanks Lee see you soon

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    hope its a medal mate, you deserve it regards tony

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    That's a damn fine head and a cracking trophy, jammy bugger Hope the weigh is there!

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    Nice buck Paul,great write up felt like i was there with you.

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    Very nice and good colour too ,something overlooked so far .

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