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Thread: Where have the old boys gone

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    Where have the old boys gone

    Over the last 2 weeks on my local permission I've noticed an increase of yearling bucks I've took 3 this week and seen another 4 now I'm not complaining about the successful stalking but I'm concerned that I'm no longer seeing the quality bucks I've been watching throughout the season I was wondering if this has happened anywhere else and possible reasons
    Any thoughts would be much appreciated as this is only my second season cheers folks

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    Probaly culled ! ?
    I myself has struggled to see any decent bucks this year let alone any buck strange to me as i seem as well as most there seem to be not seeing many buck's at all this season. Is it because it has bin fairly dry regaurding the rain does that make them show ? They seem to be lieing low through the country certaainly here in Cumbria.

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    Maybe as you are shooting the stalking/watching the yearlings, the old boys are watching you?? ~Muir

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    Why don't you leave the youngsters and let the quality grow.

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    Very possible muir . The land I'm stalking is arable farm so the landowner is not impressed seeing these brazen youngsters all over his crops so unfortunately it's either me or someone else I'm taking it these are bucks who have Been chased off by territotorial bucks on the neighbouring wood but the fact there all coming on my permission makes me wonder why there not being chased off by the older bucks here

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    How many yearling/young bucks were taken earlier? Is it possible they have mobbed the older bucks out?

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    I took 7 young/ yearling bucks and 1 mature buck who was suffering from Turkish slippers . I have shot this area for over 7 years only taking the stalking more seriously over the last 2 years so I'm certainly no expert but I'd say 7 was bang on for this area . Until last time trip home I was still seeing the usual mature bucks and the odd 1 or 2 youngsters but these looked like promising prospects but now I'm just seeing these incomers

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    In my experience, the big boys are not too territorial, they wander from area to area, returning to their favoured places in the rut, when they move to a new area, normally quieter area the young ones clear off, onl to dissappear off to another area when the big boy comes back to his first place. The big boys will reside in quiet areas so less young bucks means more chance of big boys, infact through spring I find the big boys prefer areas with less does as well

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    There are many on this forum who speak of managing deer on their permissions. Is this truly possible? IMO unless your permission is many hundreds of acres and you spend many hours on the ground moulding your deer by selective culling or unless you are part of a collaborative deer management policy with all your neighbours and their neighbours, all actively contributing to an agreed deer management plan for the complete area (not always possible as each neighbour may have a different view as to deer on their ground) and so making up hundreds of combined acres, all you as the stalker on your permission maybe witnessing is only part of the deer picture in your area. You have taken 7 youngsters but is it possible that the more mature bucks that you seek are to be found on neighbouring land where they may prefer to be at this time of year. They may already be shot by a neighbouring stalker who believes he is leaving some good young bucks that he has previously seen on his ground to take forward the future of his deer not considering that a neighbouring stalker on whose ground they now are has shot them.
    IMO many recreational stalkers consider that they manage deer but in reality this is not the case. The stalker/syndicate does not have the available time to study the deer on his/their ground/surrounding ground so as to create an effective cull policy based on sustainable management. In most cases it is a matter of travelling to their ground and culling what is seen/available on the ground at that time of year.
    This is not a criticism of anybody. It is to me what governs what you see and ultimately what you shoot.

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    You cant keep shooting young ones or you run out of old ones

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