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Thread: Muntjac fawns

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    Muntjac fawns

    Can anyone help me out here. If I see a Muntjac Doe with a fawn, when is it safe to shoot the mother without leaving a dependant fawn? I've seen fawns as big as the mother, I imagine that they will be weaned. But what of smaller fawns?

    Thank you.

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    Re: Muntjac fawns

    Muntie fawns are weaned at about 2 months old. This is also the age at which their spots disappear therefore no spots = weaned is a fair rule of thumb.

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    Cheers Mole,
    Many thanks! I get a bit queazy about shooting fawns so now I don't have too!

    Regards Steve (Buffy)

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    Shot the dam and don't move, the fawn won't have gone very far and will soon return, and you then do the honours with that as well. Conscience is then clear, job done, and all is well with the world.

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    I get a bit queasy about shooting fawns so now I don't have too!

    How do you get on shooting a munty doe which is pregnant and having to grallock it does that make you queasy too.
    You would think me being female would find this upsetting but it doesnt I am more focused on the task that lays ahead that it doesnt seem to affect me.

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    Hi LadyStalker,
    So far I haven't shot a pregnant muntjac doe, although I have seen a doe in the late stages and resolved myself to shoot her before she gives birth. I'll do it given the chance but I admit I will feel queezy at seeing the foetus. Its just the way I am, I would feel just as bad if I wounded a deer and it got away. Its the way i am, I have learnt to live with my feelings and balance it out with reason. I love life and its mysteries, to end a life is a difficult thing. But I deer stalk! Its a Yin and yang thing going on!

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    Hi Mr B

    It is sad to end a life but i do find it easier to do it this way than to shoot a fawn coming to its dead mother to be honest i dont think i could do it .

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    Hi Lady Stalker,
    Yes I'm in complete agreement with you. But sometimes it has to be done, I just hope that it's a long time before I have to.

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    My OH was almost put off stalking a long long time ago not long after he started
    he was a paying guest on a estate in Scotland stalking roe bucks he and his guide had stalked into 2 roe late one evening and he was told to take one of the deer which unfortunately turned out to be a doe and yes you guessed it she was just about to drop when he returned to the jeep he was white as a ghost and totally gutted as he told me it was better that way than having very young fawns starving to death but what happened that day has left a mark and a very valuable lesson learnt never take it for granted what you are told to shoot always make sure you can identify it yourself.

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