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Thread: Favoured weight for .270?

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    Favoured weight for .270?

    I'm in the process of getting a .270 to sit along side my .243 and I'm just wondering what peoples favoured bullet weights are and why?

    Any info gratefully received.


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    130 gr, does roe and red nicely. I stick to soft nose, which I prefer over plastic tips.

    Thats my two peneth.

    I would like to add, I am considering 150grn, but would like to hear about others experiences first.


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    I feed 130grn through mine have used them on red and roe and not had a problem

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    130gr Norma is my bullet of choice for the .270 .. Excellent.

    I experimented with 150gr Norma many years ago and did not have a good time with them, perhaps they just did not suit my rifle at the time.

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    Nosler Partition 130 grain.
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    Norma 130 gr soft point for me also. Roe,Reds and even the hardy Sika don't go anywhere with one of these onboard. Same as GC my old Browning doesn't like the 150 gr load either. No grouping with these at all.

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    SST 130gn for red and Sika though mine.



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    My Sako 85 seems to shoot most stuff well. I favour 130gn RWS H-Mantle for everything from Muntjac to Red. Muntjac take a bit of a hammering if you catch the shoulder though! I tried some 150gn RWS KS or Cone points and they shot well, especially good with the bigger animals. Tried 150gn Privi Partisan to see if it would be good cheap range fodder and it shot as well as the other stuff. Stocked up on 100 of the 130gn and it wouldn't group under 3 inches! I've heard that it's inconsistent at the best of times though. Winchester 130gn Powerpoints shoot very well through mine. Had the rifle out on a range once and shot those at 600 yards, they kept inside of a 8 inch circle when the wind wasn't dragging them off somewhere. Used some 100gn Norma for park culling Fallow and they were superb for the job, but you would destroy anything you shot in the chest with it! Haven't used it for foxing, but they would be ideal for it. 130gn Normas are also excellent, and you get decent brass for reloading if you're into that kind of thing. Rifles vary though, so it would be worth sampling several different brands to see what suits your musket.

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    I'm with the others here - 130gr would appear to be the 'standard' round. Am currently using some 150gr Feds that work very nicely indeed and also some 90gr for charlie as 130gr does make a little bit of a mess........

    If you're running it in conjunction with a 243, then I guess you may want to err toward the heavier end of the scale or you are on cross over in use? As other posters have said, try various types in the 130/140/150 range and see what suits your rifle best. I'm fortunate that mine doesn't appear to be too fussy.


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